Stress with tantrums

Stress with tantrums

Family is the best part of life, they know you inside and out. No matter all the insanity there is to being a parent, being a parent is the best gift of all. There will be days you wish you had a backup babysitter at your beckon call and believe me that would be AMAZING for those moments, however, that is why you have family and your partner to help in those moments. Make sure your family has discussed these topics, on who is willing to babysit every so often to give you a break. Asking for your parent’s schedules is also a great idea to make a tradition for your child[ren] going to the grandparent’s house every Friday (or whenever) for an hour or more so you can get some MUST need sleep or other projects done.

When the insanity is just too much some times and you don’t have someone to babysit, remember to just put your child in a safe room, walk away for 5 minutes in another room, and breathe. After you are able to calm yourself down return brand new and take care of the situation calmly. Never let the insanity of tantrums get to you where you are taking your stress out on your children. Walking away to cool down for 5 minutes is the BEST option. Crying and tantrums can be ignored as long as your child is safe and not in any harm.


Until next time Remember, inSANITY can always become sane. 🙂



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