Freezer Meal Challenge

Freezer Meal Challenge


My Freezer after 5 insane hours with help from my amazing fiance!

For months now I’ve been trying to cut down on how much money we spend on groceries every month. Finding so many interesting articles and posts on how to freeze meals for the whole month had definitely caught my eye, so that was my next search.

Now, there are so many good and bad articles out there in reference to freezer meals, I will say that finding these two articles were very helpful and had very delicious recipes.

(1.) $200 Freezer Meals for a month

This article was fantastic and full of knowledge to pick apart. Also, not to worry they have 8 interesting and very delicious recipes. I will say, like most people, I  changed up a few of the recipes to the way my family enjoys to eat. For example, Lasagna we tend to eat differently, I make my own lasagna rolls. Lasagna rolls are made the same way lasagna is made but in each roll. Rolls make it easier to freeze and take out one by one it also serves good one per person (I made 20 rolls).

So I didn’t use the “Meat Marinara Recipe”, so you will have to decide if you like that without my review due to not trying it myself. Other then that I followed all the other recipes the way it’s written. I will say be careful making the rice, I made TOO much. The recipes call for 8 cups of rice in one recipe and 5 cups for another. I started with a total of 13 cups of rice and ended up with about 20 cups of rice, which is okay if you have a BIG pot or two…..or three pots (if you want to freeze the rice as a side that works too). Just take into account that the rice will suck up the water and become 20 cups of rice if you put in 13 cups. I would suggest making 8 cups of rice and go from there.

This article even helps you save time writing out all the ingredients you will need by conveniently providing a shopping list you can print out and bring with you to the grocery store.


(2.)Breakfast Sandwiches

This article is very good for breakfast foods, considering the first article was mainly for Lunches/Dinners. I had made 6 Freezer Breakfast Sandwiches, and they are very good to have stocked up for when you are running late/rushing out of the house. It takes 1 minute on each side in the microwave to finish (basically the time it takes for your coffee to be done) and then you’re off to all your adventures of insanity for the day.

Last bit of advice,

-Make sure your kitchen is cleaned ahead of time.

-Prepare your freezer before you go shopping.

-Have designated spots in your kitchen for certain tasks and keep them that way the whole time so there is no confusion.

-Half way done, do not give up, it’s exhausting, your feet and back will hurt. But just remember when it’s all over you will have saved so much more time and energy for the rest of your month!

The total meals I was able to cook and freeze is as follows…

Cheeseburger Casserole  17 Slices (1 Slice per person (3 people)                   5 Meals

Tex Mex                               One Container for 3 people                                         9 Meals

Chicken Casserole            One Container for 3 people                                         7 Meals

Lasagna Rolls                      17 pieces (1 per person(3 People)                            5 Meals

Chicken & Dressing         One Container for 3 people                                         3 Meals

Broccoli Chicken Pasta    One Container for 3 people                                         8 Meals

Chili                                     One Container for 3 people                                         6 Meals

Broccoli & Cheese             One Container for 3 People                                         1 Meal

Total Meals (Lunch/Dinner)                                                                                                         44 Meals

Breakfast Sandwich          One per person for 3 people                                       6 Meals

Tostones (fried platains)      One Bag for 3 people                                                 9 Meals

Total bfest/sides                                                                                                                              15 Meals

So the question left would be how much did all of this cost?

The answer is after the $200 freezer meals, chips, drinks, snacks, breakfast sandwiches.

$280 was my total! With $20 left for my Grocery budget. Score 🙂

Comment, Share, ask question, and give me challenges to post about!



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